Impact Teams

An Impact Team is a group of people that want to use their talents to help others.  We have 3 different teams that you can be a part of:

Pastoral Care Team – This team visits members and friends of the church who are in the hospital or are at home and need an encouraging visit.  This team is for those who have a heart for others and want to share the love of Christ and give an encouraging word.

Helping Hands Team  – This team helps with the domestic needs of others as well as household maintenance needs.  They may  provide or coordinate meals for those who need temporary help or they may help provide some “handy man” tasks that need to be done.

Outreach Team – This team helps plan and implement events that reach out into the community.  The team may be involved in community projects or sponsor a project through the church.

If you are interested in finding out how God can use you on one of these teams, fill out the contact form below and let us know which team is for you.