Scope of the Project:  

We had a Master Plan developed by the MHK Architect firm in Naples, FL.  They assessed our property and met with members at Anchor to determine what our needs were and what could be developed.  Below is the graphic of the plan that was developed.  The plan calls for a Two Phase Development of our facilities and land.  Phase 1 consists of the Ministry Center Building, just to the north of our current building.  It will be a two story building with a large Fellowship/Recreation area, kitchen, restrooms with showers,  and eight classrooms.    It is our goal to begin construction in April or May of 2018.

When Phase 1 is complete and paid for, Phase 2 calls for the construction of a new Worship Center.  The Worship Center would seat 400+ and have new nursery and toddler rooms.  No time line has been established for this phase.



Project Progress Report

Ground Breaking set for March 18th – We will have a ground breaking ceremony on Sunday, March 18th at 10:40 am.

February 2018 – As a result of Hurricane Irma everything got pushed back a couple of months and plans had to be revised.  Our revised civil engineering plans have been submitted and we are waiting for approval from the city of Bonita.  Once those plans are approved and a Land Development Order is issued we can begin the building process.  We have also submitted the building plans and are waiting approval for building permits.

April 2017 – We have entered into a Civil Engineering contract with JR Evans Engineering. They will be drawing the plans that will be presented to the city. This is the beginning of the process.

May 2017

– We had a pre-permitting meeting at the City Planning office.  This involved meeting with the Fire Marshall, Utilities Department, City Planners, etc. The meeting went well and we are moving to the next step – which will be working on a Civil Engineering plan.

– Preliminary floor plans and elevations have been drawn up by our project designer, Bob O’blenis.

July – We are waiting for the final Civil Engineering plans.  Once those are completed they will be presented to the City of Bonita for approval.

October – Civil engineering plans have been submitted to the City of Bonita and we are waiting for approval of those plans.  Once those plans are approved and the Land Development Order is issued we can begin on the project.  The first item on the agenda will be to removed the old modular where our teens met.  After that we will relocate the Fellowship Center modular to the southeast of the main building.  We will be able to use this building until our construction of the Ministry Center is completed.

November – No new progress to what was reported above in October.  The delay right now is with the insurance claim on the old modular.  We are wanting to remove it but cannot do anything until we hear from the insurance company.

January of 2018 – Several things have developed since the November report.  First, our time line has been pushed back due to the city’s review of the Civil Engineering plan.  After Hurricane Irma the flow of water is being re-evaluated.  This has necessitated a revised plan.  This revised plan will hopefully be re-submitted to the city in February.  Second, things have progressed on the modular buildings.   The modular that housed the high school class was demolished in December.  Once the permit to move the Fellowship Center is secured we will begin the process to move it.  Third, once the resubmitted civil engineering plan is approved we will be able to begin the “dirt work” required for the building plan.

January of 2019 - The building is up and they are finishing the outside of the building with stucco. It will be painted once the stucco is done. All the windows have been installed and the doors will be next. The parking lot and landscaping are also nearing completion.

February of 2019 - The exterior is completed and work is continuing on the inside of the building. Interior walls are framed and insulation has been put into place.

Financial Goal & Progress Report

Our goal is to raise $750,000 to go towards the Ministry Center.  Due to change in Civil Engineering and Landscape plans, the cost will exceed $750.000.00.  We are still waiting on final figures.

The additional costs of the building is estimated to be $550,000. A financial campaign was begun in November of 2018. As of the end of February, 2019, $305,000 has been raised towards that goal.